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What is Adeenas OÜ meaning?

OÜ is an abbreviation of the company form osaühing in estonian commercial law and this abbreviation or its long word must be part of the name of such kind of company in Estonia.
This OÜ company form is breafly meaning (usually private) limited company (similar to Ltd. or Inc. in some other countries).


What is Adeenas meaning and why a such name for a company?

First of all it is just a name (like Jim is just a name) and has been chosen to be unique enough.

But there is also a story which was in mind by deriving this name.

The story is following:

We believe, that the most effective way to achieve results is to act and think logically.
The logical thinking rules (on which the science is basing) were formulated by Aristotle, who was a Greek. The capital of Greek (as you know) is Athens and also Aristotle lived long in Athens.
Thus, as a kind of source of logical thinking is Athens an important place.

The company Adeenas is an estonian company. Ateenas is meaning in Estonian "in Athens" and Ateena is meaning Athens.
So "t" was replaced with "d" (to make it unique and not to relate it to "in Athens") and the end for the name "s" was chosen because we found, that it sounds better this way.

In Summary the company Adeenas is actually not related to Greek and Athens, but Adeenas is simply a relatively unique name. But the company Adeenas is using very much "logical thinking" principles and Aristotle in Greek and in Athens is a kind of symbol of logical thinking.

Most of the symbols on the logo of Adeenas OÜ are also refering to the logical thinking principle.