Adeenas OÜ - International website

Other IT services of Adeenas OÜ

Other IT services, which Adeenas OÜ is offering (in addition to server hosting services), are following:

  • Creating, designing, developing webservices and websites.
  • Helping to set up (configure) Linux servers (Debian based Linux distributions) and offering administration (managing) services for such Linux servers.
  • Consultations for the IT services, which we can offer.
    These consultions mean also, that if a client wishes to be able to manage itself such kind of IT activities instead of buying them, then we are ready to offer consultation services for most of such IT activities.


Creating webservices and websites

By us created webservices and websites are based on php scripting language, MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL database systems, and on Allmice content management system (Allmice CMS - see Our services include installing, configuring and developing Allmice CMS based websites. This means not only installing different Allmice CMS modules, but also to creating new modules and add other functionality and applications using PHP scripting language.

In addition to PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL we are using Jjavascript/JQuery, and of course HTML by creating webservices and websites. We are using also various free third party software components and are able to integrate these components to our webservices and websites (like some Jquery applications).

Adeenas OÜ is offering also simple graphical design for these webservices and websites (i.e. we are not offering flash solutions, but can design the webservices and websites to be graphically attractive enough).
By graphical design we are using usually image manipulation software and our CSS knowledges.
We can also create new Allmice CMS themes and change existing ones.