Adeenas OÜ - International website

Hosting services and virtual servers

All hosting services of Adeenas OÜ are Linux based solutions.
We are offering shared virtual server hosting services and also virtual private server hosting services.

Our shared virtual server hosting services are based on Linux Debian Lenny operating system.
These shared virtual servers have following main possibilities: Apache webserver with ssl/tls (https) support, Mysql and Postgresql database servers, Postfix e-mail server with ssl/tls and IMAP/POP3 support, etc.

The virtual private hosting services, which Adeenas OÜ is offering, are on OpenVZ based virtual private Linux server services.

We are offering also Drupal content management system hosting. 
This is a good choice for people, who want to use Drupal, but find too bothersome to install it themselves.
By Drupal hosting we will install Drupal with some modules and themes for the client and the client can simply start to use it.